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The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life

by Hannah Whitall Smith

Since its publication 130 years ago, this book has remained a favorite among Christian readers. Unlike many books written in that period, the language is very simple and uncomplicated, and you will find it a pleasure to read. The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life is an invitation to live the Christian life as God intended us to—in victory and joy. The author refers to this as the “life hid with Christ in God” and shares many of her own experiences of learning to live this life.

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William Law A Divine Fruit Inspector

Ye shall know them by their fruits.

 Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit;
But a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.
A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit,
Neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.
Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit
Is hewn down, and cast into the fire.
Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.
Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord,
shall enter into the Kingdom of heaven;
But he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

Matt. 7:16-21

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Rees Howells: Intercessor

by Norman Grubb

From the poor mining village of Brynamman, South Wales, in the late 1800’s, came one of the world’s greatest prayer warriors, faith builders and intercessors—Rees Howells. The book “Rees Howells: Intercessor” is an inspiring biography about this man’s life of faith and prayer.

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The Power of The Spirit

by William Law

The Power of the Spirit is the best book I have read on the controversial subject of the Holy Spirit. There is no need to detail the unhealthy extremes on both sides of this issue, since we are all too familiar with them and the powerless lives they both produce. Instead, I encourage you to consider the biblical, balanced view set forth in this volume. Genuine truth is timeless, and you will find this eighteenth century book clearly addressing twenty-first century issues in the following collection of excerpts.

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The Normal Christian Life

by Watchman Nee

Raised and educated in the providence of Southern China in a town called Foochow, Watchman Nee prospered as a young man. He excelled his peers, and his academic achievements frequently placed him at the top of his class. However, his life was forever changed when, at the age of seventeen, he gave himself completely to Christ.

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The Kingdom That Turned the World Upside Down

by David Bercot

I’ll never forget the first time I ever saw a book by David Bercot. I was in a book store in Germany outside of a U.S. Army/Air Force base and had recently been converted. Newly awakened, the Scriptures were coming more alive every day. However, I had found that trying to implement and live out what I was learning in the Word of God was growing more and more difficult. The literal teachings of Jesus, as well as the apostle’s teachings on issues such as nonresistance, materialism, modesty and holiness seemed clear to me, but I knew of no group of Christians that believed or practiced any of them. I thank the Lord that He then led me to David Bercot’s first book, “Will the Real Heretic Please Stand Up.” This challenging and insightful book high-lights the beliefs and practices of the early church, examining their historical testimony in the light of God’s Word. What an encouragement it was to see that the early church had believed and practiced much of what the Holy Spirit had been revealing to my heart!

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Beyond Humiliation:The Way of the Cross

by Gregory Mantle

“These are the days of marvelous religious activity; but think of the disproportion between activity and achievement! Are there not multitudes of Christian workers who have grown so accustomed to failure that they have almost ceased to expect success? Surely, with so much preaching and teaching, with so much Bible circulation and tract distribution, we ought not only to be holding our ground, but to be making inroads upon the kingdom of darkness. Yet we are not nearly keeping pace with the increasing population of the world, and today there are more millions sitting in darkness and in the shadow of death than ever there were.”

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The Pilgrim Church

E.H. Broadbent

Are you one of those people who think history is boring? Maybe you think church history is the most boring of all, a tedious list of names and places that you can neither pronounce nor remember. Allow us to recommend a totally different kind of church history book, The Pilgrim Church. Its story will fascinate, inspire, and challenge you. It is simply the account of God’s faithful remnant, which the author calls The Pilgrim Church, from the time of Pentecost until the early twentieth century. Thoroughly researched and very well documented, it shows clearly that God has always preserved a faithful Church. In every stage of history there have been groups of sincere, seeking souls who separated themselves from the world and the religious establishment and sought only to serve God and live like Jesus. In The Pilgrim Church, E.H. Broadbent records the history of many of those groups, documenting their failures as honestly as their successes.

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Power Through Prayer

by Edward M. Bounds 1835-1913

Power Through Prayer has been hailed by many to be a “truly great masterpiece on the theme of prayer.” This book has reached beyond its own time. For generations it has inspired godly men and women to recognize the need for a life fully surrendered to genuine, Holy Spirit-inspired, fervent prayer. Since it is written in a revivalistic preaching style like that of Wesley, Tozer or Ravenhill, you will feel more as if you have been to a revival meeting than simply reading from the pages of a book. It is one of those books that one could read many times and still gain fresh exhortation and inspiration each time you read it. I am convinced that if we, our families and our churches, could take hold of the Biblical truths declared in this book and bring prayer back to the place it deserves, we would find in prayer a treasure so great that living without it would be insufferable.

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