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Donations for Our Publishing Ministry

Scroll Publishing Co Scroll Publishing Co. is a nonprofit Christian publishing house, and it is the publishing arm of the Society of the Good Shepherd, a non-denominational, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. For many organizations, being “nonprofit” is a mere technicality. Not with us. We are not only legally classified as nonprofit, but we truly don’t make a profit. In fact, from the very beginning, we have relied upon donations to keep our publishing house going. Scroll Publishing Co. was started with donated money, and it has largely depended upon volunteer labor through the years. All of our CD duplication and printing equipment was purchased through donated money.

Because we have distributed hundreds of thousands of books and teaching CDs since our inception in 1989, many of our readers think we are a large publishing house. In actuality, we have always operated with just a small handful of workers. Currently, Scroll Publishing is run by three full-time workers, two paid part-time workers, and two unpaid part-time volunteers. Our paid workers earn less than $9.00 per hour working for Scroll.

After paying our workers and expenses, Scroll Publishing typically nets less than $5000 a year. Out of this, all profits from sales of the book, Through the Eye of a Needle, go to our microloan ministry in Honduras. The remainder goes toward publishing more book titles. However, our small amount of profit is insufficient to keep up with our publishing needs, so most of the book titles we have published in the past five years have been published with borrowed money.

This is why we need the financial support of those Christians who believe in the kingdom message that we promote. There are a number of titles we would like to publish in the future, but we will need more funding before we will be able to do so. All donations are tax-deductible.

Whether or not you’re in a position to contribute to our financial needs, we truly covet your prayers. We can always use more prayer warriors, and we have no doubt that our ministry has continued this long mainly because of our many readers who intercede on our behalf.

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