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How You Can Help

From time to time, we’ve had some of our readers ask us how they can help the mission of Radical Reformation to get out the kingdom message. There are a couple of ways that you can make a big difference.

Give Us a Link

First, there’s a way that you can help our ministry immensely and it won’t cost you a cent. There are tens of thousands of people across the world who are seeking a deeper form of Christianity than what is offered in the typical church. These seekers usually respond very favorably when they find our website and discover the true gospel of the kingdom that Jesus preached, through our publications.

However, only a small fraction of these seekers come across our website. Since we don’t have the funds to do extensive advertising, the primary thing that will make our site more visible to seekers is having links from other websites and blogs. So if you have a website or blog, it will be a tremendous help to our ministry if you will place a link in it to our website. Not only will this enable people to find us through your website or blog, but it will increase our rank placement with Google.

Here are some links

Not all links are equally effective for the purposes of Google ranking. A link by itself in a list of links is not nearly as effective as a link placed in the right context. So you can change the words of the links below to fit with the content of the piticular page you plan to place our link.

Copy the codes below and place it somewhere in your website or blog where it fits the context of a particular page on your site or blog:


Thank you to all who support us in this way!