Dean Taylor is a conservative Anabaptist author and speaker. He was serving in the U. S. Army in Germany when he and his wife Tania came to their convictions against war and the need for Christians to live by the radical teachings of Jesus. In his book, A Change of Allegiance, Dean relates the compelling story of how he and Tania came to their convictions and their struggle to have the army re-classify them as conscientious objectors.

S-Change-of-Allegiance.jpg A Change of Allegiance

Dean Taylor. What should a Christian do with Jesus’ words, “Love your enemies?” Is it all right for a Christian to go to war? Doesn’t a Christian have an obligation to defend his country? Dean Taylor and his wife Tania were both in the U. S. Army when they realized that, as committed Christians, they had to come to grip with these questions in a new and sincere quest for truth. They were determined to follow Jesus Christ under the banner of “no compromise. As they began to search the Scriptures and church history, ... more.

230 pp. Paperback.

S-Anabaptist-Vision.jpg CD: The Anabaptist Vision
The Anabaptist Vision was a message preached by Harold S. Bender at Columbia University in 1943. It is a radical Christian manifesto calling Christians back to the kingdom message of Jesus Christ. As Bender explains, “The Anabaptists were concerned most of all about a true Christian life, that is, a life patterned after the teaching and example of Christ.” This is Bender’s original message, read by Dean Taylor, author of the recent best seller, A Change of Allegiance. more.
S-Northkill-Amish-Massacre.jpg DVD Documentary: The Northkill Amish Massacre

The Northkill Creek area in Pennsylvania was one of the first Amish settlements in the New World. This DVD documentary presents the story of the Jacob Hochstetler family in the Northkill settlement, who chose not to fight back when the French and Indians attacked their frontier home during the French and Indian War. This stimulating documentary challenges the viewer to reflect on the question more.
40 min. DVD

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