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Prayer of a Hidden Woman

Lord, I would be a helper meet
For this dear man I love,
The one I reverence and respect,
As to my Lord above;

The one I prize and I esteem,
Admire exceedingly;
The one to whom I will submit,
Adapt to joyfully;
The one to whom I give much worth,
To whom I will defer;
The one I bless above the rest,
I honor and prefer;

The one I venerate and praise,
I value and adore;
The one I notice and regard
And reverence more and more.

Lord, I would be a virtuous wife—
May godly fear be found;
My husband’s heart can trust in me;
I am to him a crown.

Support, encourage, and forgive—
I’ll do him good always;
A mouth that utters wisdom’s words
And kindness all my days.

A meek and quiet spirit, Lord—
Adornment of great price;
It is not vain and will not fade—
Nought else, Lord, will suffice.

Lord, I would choose to build my man
Into a leader strong,
A man of faith known in the gates,
Forsaking worldly throng;

A man who sets his vision high,
Pursuing godly seed,
Who leads our home in holy fear
And humbly sees his need;

A man of purpose, man of prayer,
Who hungers for the Word;
A man who yearns for those yet lost,
For those who’ve never heard.

Lord, I would stand behind my man,
Engage in fervent prayer—
For prayer can move Your mighty hand
When battles are fought there.

Lord, I would be Your servant here—
Oh, fill me with Your power;
A hidden woman I would be—
Oh, use me in this hour.


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