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God’s Saving Grace

There are many questions that go through my mind;
The answers to which I can’t seem to find.
When I look at my brothers who just can’t agree,
I begin to wonder … is there hope for me?

Why can’t we all in unity dwell?
Is it not possible? Can we not tell?
Why is there so much strife within?
Brother against brother, oh, what a sin!

What have we done that God says is wrong;
That He’d take our blessing and remove our song?
Have we taken our eyes and our love off the Lord?
Have we fallen in sin and perhaps dropped our sword?

If these are the reasons why life is this way,
Then wouldn’t you agree that it’s high time to pray?
And plead with God that somehow we
Would be able to dwell in unity?

I’m not sure that I ever will know
How “Christians” can strive with each other so.
If they’d only obey what the Bible says,
They could love one another for the rest of their days!

If we could love each other with fervency,
I truly believe that that is the key.
How else can we live in this world of woe,
Without living the way the Bible says so?

I’ve said all that in order to say this;
Without abiding in Christ, our life is amiss.
There’s no telling the kind of problems we’ll face,
If we don’t live our lives by GOD’S SAVING GRACE.

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