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Eyes on the Prize!

I will work, I will live, I will die for the Lord.
I will not be attracted by this dead world!
It is dying, it’s decaying, it is sinking into hell.
Can you hear me, sleepy Christian, as I ring your rusty bell?

There’s a fight, there’s a foe, there’s a race to be won.
Set aside all your games, all your toys, all your fun.
Grab your sword, shield of faith, strap your fighting helmet on!
Stay alert, set your eyes on the prize that must be won.

Are you brave, are you strong, will you leave this world of death?
Or will you be a fool, sleep and slumber like the rest?
Please, my friend, hear the call, don’t with me offended be.
God wants soldiers who are willing to be used extensively!

Keep your eyes on the prize, don’t in sin entangled be.
There’s a crown, you will win, if you fight courageously.
I will go with my sword, I will charge at His command.
I will march with a will, ‘til I reach that Beulah land!
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