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In Pursuit of Virtue

What is a virtuous woman?
that is an intensely momentous question.
For how can we attain that which we cannot define?
After sundry attempts to attain the ultimate,
a conclusion has been reached.
A virtuous woman
exudes an aura of quietness and confidence
even in the midst of direly vexatious circumstances,
because she knows she is in God’s perfect will.

She is not afraid to stand
or to be
if it glorifies God.
She does not heap up for herself
the tawdry tinsel
of this world,
nor help others build empires to self.
She realizes that there is a time to speak
and a time to be silent,
and is not found guilty of empty babblings.
She will not plague people
with long-winded eulogies of her accomplishments,
figments of her imagination,
or grousing about her illnesses.
She whines not, neither does she flirt.
Her wisdom is boundless,
her tact and endurance indeed astounding,
and your likelihood of meeting her is virtually nil.

Because we have slipped into a
We have become quite imbalanced.
One extreme
is completely mealy and wobbly-souled,
the other,
odiously brazen.
We are in dire need of young women who will abstain
from being bedizened slaves to fashion and public opinion
and rise to resolute maturity.
Let us be totally dedicated to seeking God.

For only in seeking Him
Is true virtue and equilibrium found.

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