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Do Something, Lord!!! Do Something!!!

Brethren, for anything to be truly accomplished, HE is going to have to do it. Period. We are sensing that more and more. Let me try to illustrate how we feel.

A drop of oil …

Sit with me in the seat of a plane that has been flying for hours. We have reached the middle of the ocean. Look ahead; nothing but water as far as your eyes can see. Look behind; it’s the same. Look left and right. Water, water, water stretches out in every direction. Nothing but water can be seen. Now take one drop of oil and let it drop to the water below. “Oh that you, a little drop of oil, would affect this ocean, that it would all turn to oil!” is the cry of the One who drops it.

I am that drop.

God is the One who has “dropped” me.

Oil can’t change water.

Water resists oil.

Impossible? Yes. “Do something, Lord!!! Do something!!!”

A bird …

A small flock of very rare birds circle and land. “I love you birds,” speaks their Creator. “You bring glory to Me. Go and create more of yourselves. I want you scattered to every corner of the earth, changing other kinds of birds into the same breed as you are. Hawks, eagles, sparrows, etc.; all should be changed. I want each one to be changed into your likeness.”

I am one of those birds.

God is the One who has sent me.

A bird can’t be changed into another “breed.”

Hawks “eat” my breed.

Impossible? Yes. “Do something, Lord!!! Do something!!!”

An ant gazing at a mountainAn ant …

A small ant gazes at the majestic mountain in front of him. “Take this mountain,” he hears, “and move it over there. I want to use you to show My power and ability.”

I am that ant.

God is the One talking to me.

A single ant cannot move a mountain.

By nature, boulders totally resist movement by small creatures.

Impossible? Yes. “Do something, Lord!!! Do something!!!”

And now us …

These three illustrations may not be all “theologically correct.” But, brothers and sisters, do you get the picture? These are illustrations that came to my heart as I looked at the work ahead of us.

I am a very, very small speck.

I feel God has led us to Africa.

He has called us to be a part of the glorious changing process that God wants to do in the lives of the people of Africa.

Many of them have been taught to resist us and our teaching about Jesus.

Impossible? Yes, well … it sure feels like it many times. (It is impossible for us without HIM!) Thus the cry of our heart to our Father, “Do something, Lord!!! Do something!!!”

Brothers and sisters, GOD is going to have to “do something.” This little phrase has been the cry of my heart for years now. But it is taking on a new meaning to me these days in the east coast of Africa. We are sensing more and more the impossibility of drawing these souls to our Savior, without HIM “doing something.” We are joyfully attacking the impossible, with the ring of “GO!” from our Commander still echoing in our ears. Impossible? Yes. “Do something, Lord!!! Do something!!!”

Those of you who feel God laying it on your hearts, join us in prayer (and bless us by letting us know). Let us beseech the throne of grace for an intervention from Him, in individual lives. We want to see lives changed by the blood of the Lamb, worshiping HIM as their ALL!

Seeking to serve with you, in HIM,
A brother on the east coast of Africa

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