I thank God through The King of kings, that you made this video. Lets make it happen! I've been telling everyone about the "Moravian Mission Machine," I keep telling the brethren around me, "don't let the worries and riches choke The Word, lets start a Moravian mission machine." I've been saved six years, im a 31 year old disabled veteran and have been called: Jesus freak, radical, etc. I do pray with you for God to "do it again," by raising up a group of zealous, on fire, all-in people, who want NOTHING more than to make The Father smile by obeying The Lord and bringing Him glory, just like the Moravians. I want this to happen today so bad! I am utilizing my resources. Please contact me if you'd like. 870 751 1044, may God bless you to bless Him. Shalom,

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