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Subject: Andreas Carlstadt

Iv seen the videos of Anabaptist History by Dean Taylor.

Could Dean Taylor maybe make a larger teaching on Andreas Carlstadt - this lost man of history, slandered and cursed man. He is my favorite reformer bare none as of this time - maybe there is some Anabaptist, I really liked the hutterites group.

Dean Taylor was amazing in his teachings - wonderful works to spread the history of the Anabaptists. If he knows and have read on Andreas Carlstadt and what was going on in details, there seems to be a lot of pieces that is not known to many in regards of this most truth seeking Protester.
Luther hated them - cursed him, it was so awful to read his diaries on Andreas. I sought it out by searching on carlstadts name and reading every hit.

The last letter was how Luther heard this wonderful story of how they spit on Carlstadts grave and his house. So utter wicked to read...

Anyway - would love a deep study and teaching on Carlstadt, the world should know about this long lost forgotten Reformer that actually seems to be the Head of the reformation.

I have not been able to find Carlstadts 100 and something degrees that was put on the door before Luther but iv heard they where more Radical and that sounds good in my ears!!! Sadly Luther gets all the glory and honor when it actually seems Carlstadt is the one that should have gotten it.


Anders Erichsen

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