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Week Three

The Amish and the Hutterites

(Day 11) The Birth of the Amish [Click to View]

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This message was day 11 in a 5 week session on Anabaptist History.

[Opops... I had the wrong date in my computer.It is January 2012 not 2010]

In this message the birth of the is Amish is discussed. To discuses the beginning of the Amish revival movements around Zurich and Berne are discussed including early Evangelist like the converted Lieutenant Heinrich Frick and Ulrich Müller. Finally the Amish-Mennonite division of 1693 is reviewed including the issues that were part of the division.

Toward the end of the lecture the class is encouraged to discuss among themselves their thoughts on church discipline and shunning.

I should mention that this is not an "officially released video." I recorded this mainly for my use on my website and for others who might have an interest in one of these areas.

(Day 12) Early Anabaptist concept of Missions and the Kingdom of God [Click to View]

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This message is day (12) of a 5 week session on Anabaptist HIstory.

(Oops the date at the beginning should say January 2012)

In this lesson the early Anabaptist view of Missions is looked at. Several of the missionaries are discussed as well us numerous quotes from the early Anabaptist showing their zeal for missions. It is also discussed that the early Anabaptist had a Kingdom focus in their goals for missions. Also true to early Anabaptism they felt that the words of Jesus were for today--- even the word Go!

(Day 13) The Birth of The Hutterites-Part 1 [Click to View]

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This is day 13 of a 5 week session on Anabaptist history. In this message the Moravian Anabaptist are looked at. The city Nikolsburg in Moravia and Balthasar Hubmaier are discussed at the beginning of the message. Form here, over differences of war, community of God and the nature of the Kingdom of God, the Moravian Anabaptist give rise to the Hutterites. Attention is given to the Hutterite's mission zeal and their tenacity under trials and persecution. Demonstrating amazing endurance and the ability to execute a group vision under extreme circumstances, Dean called the Hutterites, "The Marine Corps of the Anabaptists."

(Day 14) The Hutterites Part 2 [Click to View]

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This is day 14 of a 5 week series on Anabaptist History. This message is the second part of the history of the Hutterites. In part 2 to effect of the 30 year war on the Huitterite is looked at. It is pointed that even through all of the terrible persecution of the 30 year war, the Hutterites still had a burden for missions. Later in the message a period of decline in the movements discussed and how it was revived by a group of Germans who were awakened by a Revival in Germany.

(Day 15) The Munster Tragedy and Melchior Hoffman [Click to View]

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This message is day 15 of a 5 week series on Anabaptist History. In this message the rough start of the Anabaptist in Holland is discussed. In particular the teaching of Melchior Hoffman and his influence on the Dutch reformation is introduced.

After discussing Hoffman other groups who "re- baptized" adults and therefore fell under the name "Anabaptist" are also discussed. In particular the terrible tragedy of the "Kingdom of Zion at Munster" is given in detail.

Lessons are drawn from these extreme views, and an encouragement is given to make the Word of God our source of truth.

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