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Week Four

The Rise and Decline of the Dutch Mennonites and the Russian Mennonites

(Day 16) Menno Simons and the early Dutch Anabaptists [Click to View]

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This is day 16 of a 5 week series on Anabaptist history. In this message the early days of Anabaptism in Holland is looked at. Obbe Philips and his brother Dirk are mentioned as well as Adam Pastor, David Joris, and other early fringe groups.

The greatest majority of the message is spent discussing Menno Simons. Attention is given to present Menno in his own words. His personal testimony is read which includes his touching account of how the Holy spirit convicted him of sin and how he repented and became a "new creature" born again by the blood of Jesus.

A few points of Menno is also discussed including his view of nonresistance and what Menno calls "True Evangelical Faith."

(Day 17) The Church Splits of Holland - lessons for today [Click to View]

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This is day 17 of a 5 week series on Anabaptists history. In this message The church splits of Holland are looked at. Lessons from this time period are looked at. In other words what can the church today learn from the church splits of this period. It is also reminded that while many of the leaders of this time period were splitting the churches were still under persecution and many remained faithful.

(Day 18) The Dutch Decline and The Russian Mennonite Fire [Click to View]

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This is Day 18 of a 5 week session on Anabaptist History. This message starts with a little tribute to Dirk Willems the famous Anabaptist Martyr that rescued his enemy from the ice only to be later burned at the stake. After that the decline of the Mennonite Church in Holland is discussed. Reflections of the church in America is suggested. Finally the Mennonites in Russia are introduced including their early mission emphasis, connection with the Moravians of Herrnhut and discussion about their early Revivals.

(Day 19) The Anabaptists come to America [Click to View]

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This is day 19 in a 5 week series on Anabaptist History. In this message the different groups of Anabaptists including the Hutterites, Amish and Mennonites make their immigration to America. Some of the stories of the traumas of ship passage, and the heartbreak of leaving their native lands are given.

(Day 20) Anabaptist Revival [Click to View]

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This is day 20 of a 5 week course on Anabaptist history.

This is one of my favorite messages. In this message the topic of revival among the Anabaptist from the 1500s to the 1950s is discussed. It is demonstrated that revival have always been an important part of the life and doctrine of the Anabaptist throughout history. Common pitfalls of American revivalism is also discussed.

In the middle of the video the resistance of Lancaster county to the process of revival in the 1890s is discussed. The train wreck of 1896 that changed the attitude of revival in lancaster county is also discussed.

Toward the end of the video the Lancaster revival of 1951, led by George and Lawrence Brunk is discussed. The video ends with a audio clip from that revival.

Enjoy the video...and pray that God will do it again!

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