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Week Five

Anabaptist Today.

(Day 21) Mission and Missiology [Click to View]

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This is day 21 of a 22 day series on Anabaptists history. In this video Dean discusses a brief history of mission work among the Anabaptists. In doing so he also discusses the "Anabaptist" concept of foreign mission and compares that with modern approaches. Many examples from history are given and briefly discussed. Early Swiss Brethren, Dutch, Russian and Hutterite mission are mentioned. Dean challenges the modern Anabaptists church that as a group that claims to be followers of the teachings of Jesus it must also obey the command to --"go!"

(Day 22) Be History Makers! [Click to View]

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This message the final message in a 22 day series on Anabaptist history. I this message Dean Taylor quickly reviews the 5 weeks of history. Dean also showed a few statistics about the spiritual drift in the Anabaptist churches and calls the Anabaptists to revival. Finally he challenges his audience to not just read history but rather to make history.

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